Hexes and Curses - How do they work

By Nita Hickok (c)2005

I have heard people talking recently about remote influencing. All magic is remotely influencing something. Magic is manipulating your environment. You can use the energy to make something good happen or you can use it to hex or curse someone. I will mainly talk about negatively influencing someone’s life.

Everyone has what I call an energy signature. This is the vibration, pitch, colors and combined tones that says what they are in this lifetime. These can be changed or influenced by our decisions in life. They can be changed by negative emotions and addictive behaviors. This pattern can be changed or affected by hexing or cursing yourself or others pulling negative influences into your life.

This energy signature forms a line for the length of the person’s time on this earth. I call this the person’s time line. The time line has other lines joining it and splitting off from it. The lines splitting off from it are decisions that the person makes about their life. The moments when there are multiple decisions on the choices in a person’s life it shapes a node. My best description of nodes is to glue a bunch of string to a balloon. Let the glue dry and then pop the balloon. You will then have an idea of what a node looks like.

All the time lines run together in a river and there is support for this theory in different literature. The Buddhists mention it in their literature for just one example. Choices are flexible and can be changed; but the only time this normally happens is in a node. Decisions cause a course of action to be set in someone’s life and the only way to change it is to go to a different course of action. This is done by changing your access points or actions which can create a node on the time line or it will shift realities if it is not to big of a change from the way you were already having your life exist.

I stated in the magical theory how spells work. Hexes work within these guidelines. The different types of hexes are these.
  • Violent action causing death or injuries.
  • Mental damage.
  • Affecting everything around the person causing them to only be able to make bad choices.

There is a gray area in this category involving snooping or spying upon another person. If you believe someone is trying to snoop or spy upon you to find out some fact you can let them or stop them. The easiest way to stop this is to visualize all of your thoughts bouncing around like hot popcorn seeds. You visualize them as hard little pellets and the person trying to do this will have a violent headache. It does not mean the person does this to harm you but it can be irritating.

One other method to hex others is to match the victim’s energy signature and attempt to lay the person’s influence over the victim’s. The way to stop this is by sealing the aura or sending out an extra high pitched vibration. The energy signature will be impossible to match especially if you make your aura vibrate differently to different vibrations until the person leaves you alone. It involves the knowledge of how to work with energies to do this. A simple way to seal your aura is to visualize tying a rope around the top of your aura and the bottom of the aura in the shower each day. Pray that you are cleansed and that nothing negative can influence you in any way.

The hexes to cause violent harm to happen to someone can be remedied and are normally very simple. This again is the voodoo doll or other basic methods. They do not match the person’s energy signature except by using something of the victim’s and can be undone by a simple spell. The victim can use one of the many protection and magical books out upon the market that cover these problems. I suggest Robert Bruce’s Practical Psychic Self-Defense as he uses methods that anyone can learn quickly. I never suggest doing reversals upon others unless you know what you are doing. I also do not suggest psychic attack because that is basically cursing the people back. All curses for any reason can be reversed and make the person’s life an absolute misery even when done for defense.

The hexes to cause mental damage and to affect everything around the person are a lot harder to correct. Everyone broadcasts what type of person they are in their aura and by their energy signature. Some people can shield this by setting up personal wards so nothing can influence it. The normal person is vulnerable to attack by others who know how to throw hexes or by their own attacks by visualization upon their self-image. The first thing is they match the energy signature. The second thing is they see what the time line looks like and what choices are branching off from the time line. They then block every choice that can be said to bring good energy or good luck to the victim. The victims always have to work upon themselves because problems with self-esteem and self-image can cause them to repetitively hex themselves. Examples of this can be constantly thinking I am homely, I am fat, and I am ugly. You place all of these energies into your energy signature and trap your own self in a negative cycle. These energies can attract more negative energies to you so you should be sure to send love and kind thoughts to yourself every day.

A lot of the people casting the hexes can’t see this consciously but that is what the hexes are designed to do. Hexes and curses are designed to make the person miserable for the rest of their life that fall into this category. They make people treat the victims differently because it is like a bad smell coming off them. They broadcast an energy signature that is different from what the person is like in real life.

Con men and actors are good at projecting different energy signatures and hiding their real energy signature without even thinking about this fact. The hexes incorporating this into the spells are very complex and hard to undo. The person undoing this type of hex has to be able to open up the good choices again for the person and remove the other influences. It takes time and a great deal of work. A lot of time people just don’t understand all of the things to be removed when a person has been cursed 12 years. It would be impressive if you could line it all up and have a list of what had been done.

Many methods involve taking a piece of the victim’s etheric self. The person undoing this type of spell has to be able to travel in alternate realities and dimensions to retrieve the piece of the victim’s self. It involves finding where the piece of the person was hidden and being able to get past the things set up to trap anyone who does try to retrieve the pieces. It is definitely complex to do. You may find many people who claim to be able to undo this type of hex but there are not many people that can really do it for others.

The simple hex-removals or banishing will remove a lot of this but many times an expert is needed. The important thing is to realize that what can be done to you can be undone. The hexes have a tendency to cause despair and the certainty that everything that happens is due to the person or energies hexing the victim. They get an unshakable belief that nothing will help them or get rid of it. Their belief is really the major problem because it adds into the energy of the hexes and makes it stronger. The hexes and curses are always attached to the person by a link to a bad or down experience in the victim’s life. It is what has to be removed and why everything can be undone. It simply takes the courage to work upon yourself and believe that your life can change. Working upon the inner you and having helped as these things are undone is the only way the negative energies will stay removed. There are no short cuts because years of behavioral patterns have to be undone. It is very worthwhile especially if you can look back and see the differences it has caused and changed your life where things get better for you. I have seen many people experience happiness and joy in life that they have not known for years.

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