Astral healing- what is it?

Energy Healing ,entity removal, defending from demons ,psychic vamires,curse removals, working through the divine ,working with love 

I thought of how I have my website name as astral healer but have never explained what I do. It combines healing in different styles and ways so it is a system by itself. I have always had problems with simply describing what it is and what I do. Controlled astral projection with the ability to compact all of the subtle bodies of the Etheric, Astral and higher self is part of it. The shamanic talent of walking between worlds is another part of it. The knowledge of spells, prayers, herbs, rituals and energy work is also part of it. The ability to form things on the astral and have them permanent and many other things which take years of study is a part of it. A person who can astral project and use shamanic journeying can do part of the work but not all of it.

 I then use the photograph of the person to connect over a distance so that no matter where they live or are in the world I can connect to them to help them. It is distant healing and having the ability to project and send energy. The methods use symbols, energy balls of chi, cleansing and clearing plus clairvoyant abilities. Many people can do parts of these methods but they are unable to do them all at once and combined in a system. It is why I called it astral healing and I have found it very successful in healing energy problems.
I also work on soul splits, soul retrieval and many other methods to help others. In psychic warfare I do shields, and protect the clients while teaching them to protect themselves. So the hardest thing for me to do is to communicate what I do. The reason for this is clients are used to receiving a check list of what the person did for them in one session.  I do more than one session and constant work on resolving the issues the person wants to heal.
I explain just part of it and most clients want an explanation of what this means or that means. I tell them and they think I am talking down to them because they do not understand the phrases. The ones that do understand think that the methods I use to do these things are like someone else. It is different for every person. They expect to know how long it takes when the client doing the exercises sets the pace of how quickly they heal. Everyone has good and bad days. In healing the bad days are when you go back into negative patterns. Each day the patterns get broken but if the person who is healed restores them through the inner kingdom or subconscious it is the same issues.
Depression and being discouraged is the enemy of healing. It forms negative patterns and so does anger, jealousy, control, expectations and revenge. I can endlessly remove the vibrations and energy patterns but if the person feels them when they fall into the same patterns I have to remove them again. Each person has their own free will and no one is allowed to change a person without the person showing they are trying to do these changes themselves. So it is why I make sure the person works at what I need them to do. They are not doing all of the work.
It makes the healing even more complex because you have to be the life coach. I am doing the work of at least 5 people and I do not know of anyone else who intensive work nonstop for clients like I do. They work by the session and not in-between the sessions to heal their clients. The results are worth it because it becomes a complete transmutation of the body, mind and soul to what the person who needs to heal will become. A permanent template of what they wish to have in their lives where they become a breathing living example of what working upon your issues can do to help your life. I have many clients who come back a year or two later and tell me how much happier they are with their lives.
I have many people figure they are doing the work while I am teaching them methods to help with their issues but they do not realize the amount of work I do. I can do a month’s work on the astral plane real time zone with only spending ten minutes in a trance real time. I then do the candle rituals and work upon the photographs. I do energy work on each person each day and removal of negativity.
I see everyone as a template of energies, symbols, melodies, notes, keys and vibrations. The discordant elements stand out and are removed. I have an astral temple to do rituals such as exorcisms of the soul and subtle bodies and pull it into real time. So each night the person is being worked upon and helped.
I can put healing energies, herbs, oils and other substances by the energy signature and vibrations into the persons energy body to clear it out and then replace it so the person starts each day as a whole person. The energies and things around them are banished. The person tries to reset their template by their emotions, and past patterns of behavior and trained reactions. I try to hardwire these into a better reaction and each day a little change happens.
Entities play mind games and try to force the energies to stay the same. It is only when the emotional reaction is removed and the person themselves show the divine that they want the positive change that I can work quickly. That is the part where the people believe they are doing all the work.
I hope this helps everyone to understand the way Astral Healing works and that I have a system that includes everything and every energy being cleansed cleared and removed.