Priest About Animal Clairvoyance: We Should Not Be Too Fast With Heretical And Shiny Rejections

The church must move into the motley world, including all its bubbles and unimaginable peculiarities, yet beautiful and worth a conversation and consideration at all ends and edges, writes pastor Gudmund Rask Pedersen My wife got a horse. She is very fond of it. She claims that they communicate together, the two and that the horse is also very fond of her. I can’t quite follow my wife. But I can see and feel that the relationship with her horse is immensely important and valuable to her. While I am delighted that my wife has got this life-giving relationship into her life, I am also glad that she still wants to spend time with me – even without the horse there – and that she obviously well can distinguish between the love of one and the other – the horse and me. When a church on Zealand under the heading “Something about ostriches and canine dogs” invites you to an evening about animal clairvoyance with the visit of a so-called animal breeder, who reportedly was able to convey contact between people and their deceased animals, then I cannot quite follow them in the action as an obvious popular ecclesiastical topic.

But I must also say that over the years I have seen so many other, in my eyes, little church events run out of the stack around the motley church life. So what should be the criterion for what we can invite and not invite to in a church context? The criterion can in any case not only be something with what I, as a priest or ward council member, personally go right now and fumble with thoughts and beliefs about one and the other. But what then? From the relationship with my wife, I know that, overall, I come furthest by being open and listening to her stories about communication and good moments with the horse. And only then in an open conversation as constructively as possible convey my skepticism to one and the other of what I have heard here.It could also well be a possible point of departure for what we, in a public church context, can address issues in the existential and human field seen very broadly: Everything possible from what one and the other folk church member out there in the current contemporary life goes on and fumble with faith and thoughts about everything between heaven and earth.Look at it. Talk about it. Listening, Asking, Discussing, and Almost Offending: But for God’s sake (which always means for our own and our humanity’s sake) not be too fast with the heretics and gloomy denials of what the neighbor – or even his wife – goes and thinks and tumbling with, and sometimes maybe even believing.The criterion for what we can invite to and do not invite to in the ecclesiastical context must ultimately not be so much the theme, where aliens and special it might even work on each of us, but the sign of what we in the ecclesiastical basically have to reassemble. In short, Christ.

Saying with the strong words of the Philosophy of the Hymn: “You must have the mind toward one another, who was in Christ Jesus, who had the form of God, did not consider it a prey to be equal to God, but renounced it; took on the form of a servant, and became men.

Then the direction is just as stated, also for us: Into the human. Into the motley world, including all its bubbles and unimaginable peculiarities, is yet beautiful and in fact worth a conversation and consideration at all ends and edges.NB. I myself have had some riding lessons here in the spring on a horse that can do something with the eyes. Like about it …

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The Bible Is God’s Love Letter To Us Humans

Without Jesus, the Bible quickly turns black as a Bible cover, writes Daniel Ohrstrom, who, however, reads the Bible as an immaculate well of comforting texts when the educators in my nursery garden asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied without hesitation: “Prophet!”For I had listened to in Sunday School and could not imagine anything more slick than being able to divide the waters or escape unharmed from being swallowed by a whale or a whole night in a lion ball full of hungry lions.Later, in a layman’s sermon, I myself have explained the last thing that the prophet Daniel did not focus on the lions, but on the lion’s king! But already as a little boy, I was proud when the boys in the Sunday school sang: “I want to be like Daniel,” while the girls sang praise: “And I will be like Ruth.”

Masculine words disappear from the Bible

The continuation put the gender roles in place as Old Testament stone tablets: “For Daniel was a brave man, and Ruth she was so good and true.”I myself was probably the best and sweet at the time. But I would like to be like Daniel and not least Elias who could light a huge bonfire with his faith. At home I didn’t even have to play with matches. We also didn’t have television when I was little, so I swallowed Sunday school’s Bible stories with the same appetite that my own children see violent Netflix cartoons today.When I came to school, I had a hard time learning to read, but the Bible was one of the first books I tried to do. It was a bit like learning to drink coffee, in the beginning I sipped the difficult words like “mercy” and “sanctification” and never took large amounts at a time, while I misunderstood phrases like “I need nothing”, which I believed was a prophetic revelation that I knew nothing! But in the end, my Bible eventually became worn, so that the cover fell off. Most probably because I dragged it everywhere as an indispensable teddy bear.

As a teenager, I came more in line with Paul and his civil war between the blood and the flesh. And at a single occasion I was so good and sweet at that age to quote Højsangen 8.8 “We have a little sister, she does not yet have breasts; what do we do with our sister “for my own 11-year-old little sister. She must have forgiven me, for the past I was the sponsor of her sweet little son’s baptism, where I also came to think of how to slip through the Bible during a regular worship. For as the literary professor Erik A. Nielsen has stated here in the paper, the Bible hangs great well with lots of stories across the two wills that rhyme together.The Bible begins with the fact that God in Genesis calls Jesus the light of the world into the world as the Word of God: “There must be light,” and it ends masterfully that man calls Jesus back to Earth with the words “Come, Lord Jesus . ”For everything in the Bible points to Jesus. Daniel in the Lion Ball and Jonas in the whale are thus images of Jesus in the grave, while many of the texts that otherwise seem like pure sharia texts illuminate when you put Jesus into the equation. Without Jesus, the Bible quickly turns black as a Bible cover. For example, without Jesus, I would never be able to understand the account of Abraham and Isaac, but in his light it becomes a picture of Jesus’ sacrifice. Without Jesus, the third book of Leviticus, with all its ordinances of sound-free scapegoats, is a pure commandment, but in the light of Jesus’ sermon of the Lord, the book of Leviticus, with its death penalty for even the smallest errors, becomes an educational mirror, emphasizing that we all need God’s grace. The coolest Bible quote is also included in Leviticus – “All the fat belongs to the Lord”.

That’s how the Bible is full of great quotes. But I really only know it now, after every Monday for three years, I met some friends to spell me through the entire Bible landscape of laws, wars, prophecies, poetry, and treasures of accumulated life experience. Because even though I have lived with the Bible all my life, I have only read it completely – without skipping over boards and sacrificial and temple building manuals.To my surprise, I have met many both great writers and priests who have neither read the entire Bible. It can also be a bit of a desert walk to spell slavishly through the Bible, but it’s worth it. Perhaps one might be lucky to find a grain of gold by accidentally striking up as I did as a child, where I often felt that God spoke directly to me that way. But if you read the whole Bible as God’s love letter to us humans, it will be a much stronger experience. And now I really understand why my soon 91-year-old grandmother is still sitting daily reading the Bible as an immaculate well of comforting texts. The last time I visited her, however, she looked up smilingly from the Bible and said, “When do you take that beard off, Daniel? You look like a prophet! ”

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Meetings and Conferences Etiquette

Gatherings and meetings are a critical part of the everyday life of a good businessperson. In this way business manners amid these gatherings is an urgent component and capacity that you need to groups. I am going to give you a couple of tips right now on the best way to appropriately act amid a conference or gathering.

When you go into the meeting room—meeting rooms – Jersey City area—shake the hand of each and every man and lady that will be going to the gathering. Your handshake should be firm and consistent as to transmit certainty and quality.

Express what a genuine respect it is for you to be in a similar life with every one of them and that you are searching forward for a gathering that will yield gainful outcomes and lovely discussions.

Pick a seat at the table that will set you on a similar dimension as every other person. Nobody enjoys a presumptuous man or somebody that demonstrations like a supervisor all, however, he isn’t in that position. Except if you are the board you won’t situate at the leader of the table. It is ill-bred and that will be that.

Let each one talk and sit tight for your turn. A decent sign of poor training is to intrude on somebody unexpectedly while they are talking. In the event that you have something significant to add to the discussion hang tight for the one that is all prepared conversing with completion and after that include your very own thought. In the event that the thought is vital to the discussion and you want to talk them essentially apologize for hindering or request authorization at that point give out the thought after which you will give the word back to the first talking.

Continuously SMILE while at a conference. You should be not kidding and proficient anyway in the meantime you must be charming.

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